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We Are the Melting Pot of Success!!

SUMMER SATURDAYS Investor Registration

Description: An outdoor event with performances [reminiscent of a Hot97 Summer Jam]. There will be industry guests part of the event [to be announced] and media coverage [includes radio advertisement, blog site placement & promotion]

Venue: Privelege Lounge [Brooklyn, NY]

Date: Saturday June 25, 2016

Time: 6pm-12mid

Those who invest in this event prior to it being put out to the public will receive the items listed below.

  • 2 Performance sets [12 minute performance set & 8 minute performance set]
  • 25 tickets
  • 1 Artist's name & pic on main flyer
  • 1 Artist's name on main flyer
  • Company's name added to radio promo [Or artist who will be performing 12 minute performance set]
  • Company and/or artist name add to banner hung at event