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We Are the Melting Pot of Success!!


TITAN OF RAP v1: Goat Season

Track Listing

01. Intro to TITAN (feat Aaqil Ali)(produced by Juvenis J)

02. Talkin Crazy

03. Tales From The City (produced by Blu Diaz for Blu Vishen Productions)

04. S-ROCK In The Industry

05. Whip It feat Nuke Bomb)(produced by Mini Producer)

06. Catch This Vibe (produced by Ace Bradley)

07. Guerilla Glue Skit (Date Gone Wrong)

08. Clatchet (produced by Mini Producer)

09. Move On (produced by Mini Producer)

10. Moment Of Motivation (Bring Em To You)

11. City Of Rage (produced by Blu Diaz for Blu Vishen Productions)

12. Goat Season

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